Dangerous Louisiana Road Conditions and the Damage Caused

As reported on nola.com earlier this year, a $1.56 million project to build a 5.5 mile guardrail along Airline Drive is complete. The guardrail is a much needed addition, designed to prevent motorists from plunging into the canal, and is something that area residents have been calling for years.

The rail, from St. Rose to Norco has already stopped at least one vehicle from going into the canal. Around the beginning of 2010 a car hit the rail just east of Ormond Boulevard in Destrehan but didn’t go in.

Before the guardrail the area was the site of many deadly accidents over the years. In 2003 alone six people died in two accidents and one family in particular suffered a devastating loss.

Sandra and Allen Washington lost four children in an accident in 2003 after the car their oldest daughter was driving ended up in the canal.

“It’s bittersweet,” Sandra Washington said of the improvements. “It was a terrible tragedy for our family, but some good things came out of it that will save people’s lives.”

Car accidents can certainly have tragic, life-changing results, as was the case for the Washington family. Sometimes an accident is not the result of poor driving, but of deadly road conditions. In this case it took years of accidents for the affected cities to finally take preventative action. Depending on the amount of notice a municipality has regarding accidents in an area and the danger it presents to drivers, there are certain legal options available to the survivors of the accidents or the families of those who unfortunately are killed in the crash. Discussing these options with an attorney can help make sure that difficult expenses resulting from the crash can be covered and that some type of financial recovery may be had.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident and you feel that the conditions of the road were to blame it is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve from your insurance company or even from the municipality responsible for the unsafe conditions.

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