Minden Man Arrested for Running Down Two People With his Car

28 year old Arlandus Albertlee Green, Jr. of Minden has been arrested and charged with running down two people with his car.

Green, also known as Lance, has been accused of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. As reported in the Bossier Press Tribune and Minden Press Herald’s nwlanews.com,

Minden Police Chief T.C. Bloxom said on February 7, Green and Lamario Elkins began arguing on Sheppard Street. During the argument, Green pulled a Jimenez 9 mm and pointed it at Elkins.

‘Green got into his Monte Carlo and put it in reverse,’ said Bloxom. “He then drove backwards and ran into two bystanders.”

The bystanders, Jane Sneed and Bobby Tobin were taken to Minden Medical Center with contusions and released later the same day. The argument apparently centered around a female.

Car accidents can take many different forms. Others beyond merely drivers and passengers are sometimes injured. Here, two innocent bystanders suffered injuries when Mr. Green backed into them. While Mr. Green has been arrested he may also face civil consequences for his actions.

Under Louisiana law someone injured in a car accident that was not their fault should not suffer financially at all because of the accident. The responsible party and their insurance company can be found liable damages, including: current and future medical expenses, lost wages for time spent in the hospital or recovery, and possibly even damages for pain and suffering. Civil liability may exist regardless of the outcome of criminal charges.

A finding of fault in an auto accident typically requires that the defendant driver acted negligently. This means that the driver must have had a duty of care to the injured party or parties, breached the duty, and the injuries were caused by the breach. Causation in itself requires both cause in fact, (the injury would not have occurred but for the breach) and proximate cause. Proximate cause entails that the negligent act was not too remote from the injuries. That is, it must have been reasonably forseeable that the injuries would result from the breach.

Each element of a liability claim has its own legal nuance. As such, proving fault through negligence in an auto accident case can be difficult and complex. If you have been injured in an auto accident that was not your fault you need an attorney with significant experience in this area of the law.

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