Wal-Mart Claims They Were No Responsibility for Columbia Woman’s Death

86 year old Margie Davis of Columbia was shopping in the West Monroe Wal-Mart store during Thanksgiving week when she was tragically killed. A shelf full of holiday towels fell on Ms. Davis and she died a day later from her injuries. In responding to the Davis family’s lawsuit against Wal-Mart, the retail giant has indicated in court documents that they are not responsible.

As noted in an article on myarklamiss.com,

Wal-Mart attorney Michael Adams declines comment but in a response to the lawsuit he denies everything except that Davis entered the West Monroe store. One part even blames Davis saying quote’… allegations which defendants deny were proximately caused by negligence and fault of plaintiff or plaintiff’s mother, Margie Davis,’ said Adams’ (Wal-Mart) plea filed in federal court.

He also blames customers for possibly causing the accidental death.

According to her family, Ms. Davis walked into Wal-mart happy and healthy. According to the coroner’s office, she left the hospital the next day, having passed away from massive head and chest injuries.

While Wal-mart’s liability will be decided in court, Ms. Davis’ family deserves their right to pursue a legal remedy. If a loved dies and the death was the fault of another person or entity, the party responsible for the death may be liable for a variety of damages. Such damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, (necessary for example, if the deceased was the primary breadwinner for a family) and compensation for pain and suffering. Damages may even include punitive damages meant to punish the party at fault.

Wrongful death damages that are available can depend on the relationship of the survivors to the person who has died. Parents may get damages for lost companionship if a child has died, for example. Damages for a spouse may include financial contributions the deceased would have made.

Typically in a wrongful death lawsuit the plaintiff must prove that their loved one would not have died without the action or inaction (neglect) of the defendant. Here, even if Wal-mart is found not liable, another entity may be responsible for damages. If the shelf that fell on Ms. Davis was defective, the company that produced, distributed, or otherwise came into contact with the shelf may be liable. When someone has been injured or killed because of a dangerous or defective product the case becomes one of products liability.

There are typically three types of products liability cases: manufacturing defect, design defect, and failure to wan. Manufacturing defects occur during the manufacturing process and typically involve poor materials or workmanship. Design defects occur when the product design is inherently dangerous. Failure to warn problems involve products that have inherent, non-obvious dangers. Each different type of products liability requires different elements of proof.

If you suspect that you have been injured or the death of a loved one was the fault of another person-due to a defective product or otherwise, it is important that you have an attorney on your side willing to work through all of the issues and provide you with the greatest chances of success in your claim.

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