Berniard Law Firm- New Website and Updated Legal Information

DSC00785Welcome from the Berniard Law Firm. We are happy to announce an overhauled website and renewed focus on providing legal information to the public.

Our new website can be seen here www.GetJeff.Com  Our law firm also has a Facebook page that can be found here: Berniard Law Facebook Page.  We would encourage you to go to that page and “Like” the page to ensure you get the latest updates about Louisiana legal matters and the cases that the firm is working on.

Starting tomorrow the Berniard Law Firm will will post on this blog daily, 7 days a week, articles related to litigation matters within Louisiana.  The focus of the articles will be to educate the general public on those legal matters.  The post will cover a wide variety of legal topics, including the various categories listed on the side of this blog.  Our  law firm hopes you find the articles not only educational but entertaining as well.

This renewed focus on the publication of legal articles continues the Berniard Law Firm’s previous output of legal articles that were published in the past.  From 2013 to 2015 our law firm published over 800 legal articles, many of which can still be found on this blog today.  Tomorrow a recommitment to the publication of those articles begins.  It will continue into the coming years and beyond.

The Berniard Law Firm is a Louisiana based litigation law firm with a focus on injury related cases.  The main attorney Jeffrey P. Berniard has now been practicing law in Louisiana for over 12 years. Our main office is in New Orleans but the law firm has practiced all over Louisiana and in states throughout the country.  Jeff started practicing law in 2004 and not long after Hurricane Katrina hit.  After returning from being evacuated Jeff focused on insurance disputes for homeowners and businesses.  Jeff helped hundreds of residents in New Orleans and the surrounding areas collect millions of dollars in insurance proceeds, money that was needed to rebuild their homes and lives.  Jeff was proud to help his clients recover and be a part of the recovery process of this area.

From there the Berniard Law Firm has branched out to help clients in litigation matters of a varied nature including  class actions, serious personal injury, defective medical products, toxic torts, asbestos and mesothelioma just to name a few.  Over the last few years Jeff Berniard has been recognized a leader in the area of class actions and complex litigation in Louisiana.  Jeff has taught continuing education to other lawyers on personal injury, class action and complex litigation.  Jeff has also been named a “Super Lawyer” for the past five years in the categories of class action and complex litigation.  While the title “Super Lawyer” might sound a bit funny at first it is an award bestowed to only 2.5% of the lawyers in Louisiana after an intensive vetting process. Jeff has been honored to receive this recognition year after year.

We hope you will enjoy the articles that will begin to post tomorrow with regular frequency. If you have any questions about these articles  or have any questions about a legal matter please feel free to contact our office.

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