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An “act of God” is an unusual, extraordinary, sudden, and unexpected manifestation of the forces of nature which man cannot resist, or prevent for that matter. Even something as commonplace as ice on a bridge can qualify. Three suits regarding a two-car accident on Natchitoches’ Ecore Bridge in 1990 gave Louisiana’s Third Circuit Court of […]

Medical malpractice cases often involve complicated medical issues that can require expert testimony in order to prevail in a lawsuit. Although it is easy to become confused or distracted by the complexity of the issues, it is essential to understand and provide the required expert testimony.  Mr. Jason Kinch (the Plaintiff), a Lafayette Parish Deputy […]

The emergency room is supposed to provide lifesaving care, quickly, to those who need it the most. No one wants to wait around in the emergency room, especially when their life is in danger. Nonetheless, sometimes emergency rooms simply cannot operate as quickly as they should. In a lawsuit against Savoy Medical Center in Mamou, Mitch […]

Trees can add aesthetic value to your property and provide benefits such as shade in the summer heat and place for birds to nest. However, under certain circumstances, property owners can be held liable for injuries resulting from a fallen tree limb. This is exactly the situation homeowners and the Town of Delhi, Louisiana found […]

When most people think of filing a lawsuit, they expect to attend a trial in a court where a judge and jury decide the outcome of the case. However, most of the time cases are decided long before a trial is reached. One of the legal mechanisms for ending a lawsuit before it reaches trial […]

The state is not a guarantor of the safety of motorists using their roads, meaning you must be vigilant and careful while driving. See Thompson v. State of Louisiana, 701 So.2d 952 (La. 1997). But what happens when something falls on your car while you are driving on a public street, are you out of […]

Most Louisiana residents understand the liability they may incur if they do not properly fence a backyard pool. But what about other, less obvious drowning hazards, such as a church’s baptismal pool? Who is held accountable for the failure to protect children from falling in? Typically, a church is part of a diocese and must […]

In joint real estate ventures, all partners are presumed to be equal unless agreed otherwise. All parties should have equal decision-making power, share equally in gains and losses, and possess equal interests in the subject property. Cooperation among the partners is essential to the success of the venture. Each person must enter into the transaction […]

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